The "Health is Wealth" corporate wellness program is a once a week for 5-weeks program that generates an attitude of positive well-being while encouraging and applying new healthy habits to the participant’s every day lives. Small, doable, incremental changes can make a world of difference when it comes to the health, energy, and overall wellness of each employee. Working as a group also offers the added benefit of accountability and constant support. A healthier workplace equals happier employees, positive workplace attitudes, camaraderie and fewer sick days. The program comes with or without a 21-day eating plan to promote better overall wellness, increased energy and weight loss. 

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Class Breakdowns

Week 1: the #1 thing you could be doing every single day that can completely change your life, help you lose weight, give you more energy, reduce aches and pains (including headaches) and reduce fatigue,  and even increase productivity- especially in that afternoon slump.

Week 2: Start your day right, breakfast and other daily rituals.

Week 3: Lunch- in or out, how to make it work for you and your health goals and not against you.

Week 4: Work it Out- an at home (or at desk) total body workout that requires ZERO fitness equipment.

Week 5: Pulling it all together. Teaching the participants how to apply all the new changes to their existing daily routine and how to guarantee to make it stick.

Each one-hour class will consist of a lecture, digital handouts as well as interaction and discussions to keep everyone active, engaged and seeing results from day one. Outside of the sessions your employees will have access to me through email or facebook messenger for additional support and will be invited to a private nutrition facebook group where they can ask questions, seek support and have even more accountability in addition to extra recipes and tips to keep them motivated. 

Corporate Package Options:

Health is Wealth 5-week Wellness Program: $1,799

(includes 5, one hour in-person classes with up to 10 employees and email/message support in between classes and entry into my private Facebook nutrition group)

Health is Wealth 5-week Wellness Program PLUS 21-day eating plan: $1,999

(everything listed above PLUS my 21-day NEW YOU program)

NEW YOU program features:

  • 3 detailed E-books consisting of a complete laid out nutrition and wellness plan

  • 2 different recipe books (omnivore or vegan)

  • Meal plans, shopping lists and food diaries for the complete 21 days (valued over $150 per person when sold individually.) 

***Optional in-person pilates or fitness classes available, inquire below.